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About SHE Chicago Publishing

SHE Chicago Publishing is the sister company of SHE Chicago, a young women’s empowerment non-profit organization that provides character education, community service and college and career support to high performing, under resourced teen girls.

SHE is an acronym that means Strong. Humble. Empowered. These attributes function as values that characterize the business that we do. At SHE we believe that at the core of every strong, humble and empowered person is great character and a commitment to serving others through their own lives. SHE Chicago Publishing advances those values by elevating the voices of self publishing writers seeking to spread positivity, raise awareness, and teach others the value of great character.

Meet Cairo and Zoey!

Cairo and Zoey are two super cool cousins who also happen to be best friends! Together they are learning to practice great character and resolve conflicts in ways that will keep their friendship strong and add value to their relationships outside of one another. Cairo and Zoey have vast imaginations that take them on heartfelt journeys, each ending with a special lesson just for you! Join them as they help each other learn to be the best little people that they can be one day at a time.

Cairo and Zoey Best Friends Forever is the first book of the Mini Adventures of Cairo and Zoey. These stories are designed to boast powerful imagery that represents the real life experiences of small children as they grow and learn to be great people.These stories are rooted in character education with morals that will support the whole child as they experience life’s obstacles.

Meet the Founder

Dominicca Washington is a Teacher, Writer, Mentor and Mother. She’s a first generation college graduate, from Clark Atlanta University. She also holds an M.Ed in Elementary Education. After college, Dominicca committed her life to educating children in academics and social emotional learning competencies. She now supports teacher leaders coaching them through their aspirations. Dominicca is the Founder and Executive Director of SHE Chicago, a young women’s empowerment, character education program serving inner city teen girls. Her latest endeavor, SHE Chicago Publishing, is a platform for self publishing writers to share their voices with the world. She is also the author of SHE Chicago Publishing’s first book series, The Mini Adventures of Cairo and Zoey.

Dominicca has utilized her love for writing and advocacy to  spread awareness of issues in education through published articles featured on Education Post, and in The Chicago Suntimes. She has also been featured in ChalkBeat Chicago as a Teacher Storyteller. Dominicca has been involved in education policy as a TeachPlus Teaching Policy Fellow and as an Educators for Excellence Inaugural Policy Fellow. She’s served as a CPS Teacher Ambassador and worked as a member of the CPS Equity Office’s Instructional Equity Work Group. She was also featured as one of Chicago Scholars’ 35 under 35 as one of the city’s most promising new leaders.

Dominicca is a dynamic leader and mentor of children from all age groups. Invite her to speak or support your endeavors relating to the following areas…

  • Child and Teen Development
  • Character Education for Children
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Mentorship for Teen Girls
  • Teaching and Learning Support and Planning
  • Social and Self Awareness
  • College and Career Planning

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